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Letter from Congressman Lee Zeldin on events in Virginia

August 14, 2017
In The News

To the Editor:

Anyone associating themselves with the KKK and Nazism is associating themselves with hatred, bigotry, racism, intolerance and a tremendously inhumane past filled with horrible evil. This is one of the extremes that exist in our society that has a long history of trying to tear us apart.

We are still learning the facts of what happened in Charlottesville and there is evidence that the violence came from multiple groups and multiple sides and really no one can be defended who traveled to this beautiful, historic city for the sole purpose of causing physical harm to others. It’s indefensible.

For that domestic terrorist who drove that car through that crowded street, his homicidal behavior must result in a prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

For the protesters with pure, good, genuine and peaceful purposes, I think it is very important you were brave enough to be there to lend your voice.

For any of the protesters on either side with extremist views and violent purposes, you are 100 percent completely in the wrong.

I have spent a great deal of time in Charlottesville throughout my life, including an entire summer one year in the Army, and it really is one of the greatest cities we have in this country, so rich in history and culture, including our nation’s founding fathers.

This isn’t a day to be left or right, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. This is a day to be an American. Quite candidly, every day should be the perfect day to be an American first. United.


Congressman, First District, U.S. House of Representatives