Congressman Lee Zeldin Speaks Out on Framework "Agreement" "Fact Sheet" Not Agreed to By Iran | Congressman Lee Zeldin

Congressman Lee Zeldin Speaks Out on Framework "Agreement" "Fact Sheet" Not Agreed to By Iran

April 3, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC - Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, C – NY-1) released the following statement today after a Twitter post by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif confirmed that Iran has not agreed to the Framework "Agreement" "Fact Sheet" released yesterday regarding the nuclear talks with Iran:
"President Obama is telling the American public we have to approve of his nuclear dealings with Iran to find out what's in it. Meanwhile, the President is telling the Iranian government if you like your centrifuges, uranium and nuclear reactors, you can keep your centrifuges, uranium and nuclear reactors. Yesterday, President Obama released a fact sheet on the framework 'agreement' he reached with Iran. It turns out that Iran never agreed to what is in the Fact Sheet. The Iranian Foreign Minister just posted on Twitter that the "Fact Sheet" is just spin, not actually the facts of anything that was agreed upon. President Obama needs to immediately come clean to the American public on what exactly was agreed to. This is an extremely dangerous game the President is engaged in, misleading the American public on a nuclear negotiation with the world's biggest state sponsor of terror while getting played by Iran like a 5 string quartet at the negotiating table."

Here is Iranian Foreign Minister's tweet refuting "fact sheet."

Yesterday, Congressman Zeldin released a statement following the announcement of the framework "agreement," which you can view here