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Congressman Zeldin Praises Congresswomen Meng and Rice for Leadership Against Iran Deal

August 3, 2015
Press Release
Encourages NY Delegation to Stand Together Against Iran Deal

Patchogue, NY –Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, C - NY-1) released the following statement today praising New York Democratic Congresswomen Grace Meng and Kathleen Rice for their leadership against the Iran nuclear deal. Rep. Zeldin is encouraging all members of the NY delegation to stand together against the Iran deal:

“Just a few days ago, Democratic Congresswoman Grace Meng of New York demonstrated exceptional leadership coming out in opposition to the recently announced Iran Deal. Today, Congresswoman Kathleen Rice of New York, a Democratic member of the Long Island delegation, announced her opposition as well.

It is not easy for members of Congress to oppose a top legacy priority of the President of the United States when the President is of the same political party. I admire that with their opposition, Congresswomen Meng and Rice are putting the interest of our nation’s security ahead of party loyalty.

Over the coming weeks, I encourage all members of the New York delegation, regardless of their party affiliation, to stand together against a deeply flawed deal with Iran.

The President stated that the only alternative to whatever deal he entered into is war. I reject that. We should all reject that.

This deal is flawed for so many reasons. The President says that with the agreement, there will be 24/7 where necessary, when necessary inspections. This is simply untrue. Americans are not permitted to be on the inspection teams and we do not even know the details of the secret side deals between Iran and the IAEA. There are so many more deeply problematic components of this deal aside from the lack of necessary verification, including disagreement between the Obama administration and Iranian leadership on how to interpret key components.

The leverage that brought the Iranians to the table was the sanctions relief. Now we just negotiated away that leverage without any discussion and resolution on Iran’s continued efforts to overthrow foreign governments, sponsor terror, develop ICBMs, blow up mock U.S. warships, pledge to wipe Israel off the map, and chant Death to America in their streets while unjustly imprisoning American citizens, including a Marine, a Pastor and a Reporter. The irony of this deal is that the President is actually paving the path to worsening instability in the Middle East and a nuclear arms race in the region.

As Representative Rice eloquently and simply stated, 'for the sake of Peace, we can do better.' She is right. We must do better.

Together, as a unified force, we can stop this historically bad deal.”