Rep. Zeldin Joined by Local Medical Professionals to Urge Reauthorization and Full Funding of CHIP and Community Health Centers as Jan 19th Federal Funding Deadline Looms

January 12, 2018
Press Release

Rep. Zeldin takes a tour of the Elsie Owens Health Center following a press conference on the importance of reauthorizing and funding CHIP and Community Health Centers.

CORAM, N.Y. - Today, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) was joined by local medical professionals at the Elsie Owens Health Center, a community health center in Coram, NY, for a press conference urging the reauthorization and full funding of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Community Health Centers (CHC), ahead of next week’s January 19, 2018, federal funding deadline. Following the press conference, Rep. Zeldin took a tour of the Elsie Owens Health Center. 

“These essential programs provide millions of children, veterans and individuals with the health care services they need,” Congressman Zeldin said. “In New York alone, CHIP provides health insurance for 300,000 New York children, while nearly 2 million New Yorkers rely on Community Health Centers for their health care services. On behalf of the millions of New Yorkers who rely on CHIP and Community Health Centers, we must reach across the aisle and work together to preserve these vital programs.”

In November 2017, the House passed a 5-year reauthorization of CHIP with bipartisan support, which the Senate failed to bring up for a vote. Last month, Congressman Zeldin led a bipartisan delegation of New York Members urging the reauthorization and full funding of CHIP and Community Health Centers:

HRHCare President and CEO Anne Kauffman Nolon, MPH, said, “Congressman Zeldin has been an important advocate for CHIP and community health center funding, We thank him for being with us today, and urge other members of Congress to help preserve this funding. All New Yorkers deserve access to affordable health care.”

Dr. Nadia Arif, Medical Director of the HRHCare Elsie Owens Health Center said, “Community health centers gives everyone access to the preventive care they need. Since CHIP, I have never had a parent refuse care for their child because of cost. These programs go hand-in-hand.”

President & CEO of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center Richard Margulis said, “As the leading health care provider in Central Suffolk County, we wholeheartedly support any legislation that continues to allow access to affordable healthcare for all of the members of our community. This includes the extension of funding for both the Children's Health Insurance Program and our local Federally Qualified Health Centers. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center serves the health care needs of over 400,000 individuals in our community, many of which are uninsured and underserved by the local healthcare system. Not extending the funding for these vital programs could have a devastating effect on both our population, and BMHMC, which also faces potential cuts as a Disproportionate Share Hospital. CHIP provides affordable healthcare to many thousands of our local children while our FQHCs serve over 2-million New Yorkers. Funding for these two vital services go hand-in-hand since CHIP makes the care affordable while support the FQHCs keeps the community health centers up and running. On behalf of the entire staff at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, I would like to acknowledge and thank Congressman Zeldin for his efforts in working together with both parties to call attention to the reauthorization of these important programs.”