Rep. Zeldin Statement on Anti-Israel Resolution at United Nations

December 22, 2016
Press Release

Patchogue, NY - Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Co-Chairman of the House Republican Israel Caucus, issued a statement on Thursday calling for the United States to veto the anti-Israel resolution, which has been proposed at the United Nations.

Congressman Zeldin said “Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel nations are continuing their fanatical efforts at the United Nations to delegitimize America’s greatest ally, Israel. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, a beacon of freedom and liberty in a very dark place of the world. The latest resolution should be vetoed by the United States today to send the strongest possible message to Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel nations that their disparaging, divisive and dangerous tactics will be met with zero tolerance. Continued unilateral concessions by Israel in exchange for no promises or follow through towards peace on the part of others would be as ill advised as it is unfeasible.”