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Rep. Zeldin Votes NO on Budget Resolution with Anti-SALT Language Added by Senate

October 26, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC - Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) released the following statement today after voting NO on the Senate Amendment to H. Con. Res. 71, which contained language recently added by the Senate calling for the elimination of the State and Local Tax Deduction.

“After the Senate recently added anti-SALT language to their budget resolution that was not in the earlier passed House version, I decided to vote against today’s budget resolution, because a workable solution has not yet been identified to this issue.

I also believe that an accurate online calculator needs to be made available as soon as possible so that Americans can easily plug in their own information and see exactly how much money their family would save under the plan.

As I've stated in the past, my goal in this tax reform mission is focused on allowing Long Islanders to save more of their paycheck, reduce their cost of living, and put away more money for retirement. We need a fairer, simpler tax code that would allow Americans to fill out their tax return on a postcard. We also need to improve the business climate, by reducing the corporate income tax rate to create more American jobs, to bring jobs and businesses back from overseas, and to prevent other jobs and businesses from leaving.

On another front, the state and local elected officials responsible for making our state such a high tax state really need to do their part to reduce the tax burden from their end as well, because it is out of control. Our State and Local Tax deduction with the feds is so high, because our state and local taxes are so high. 
New Yorkers and all Americans need tax relief from all levels of government. It is my current mission to do my part delivering a tax cut ASAP from Uncle Sam. The last piece of this effort to get this win over the finish line is this important negotiation for major changes to that proposal to eliminate SALT. Americans work hard for their money and I believe very strongly that they should keep more of it to save or spend on whatever their heart's desire.”